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Myofascial Release
Orthopedic & Sport
Physical Therapy
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Fitness Training

Nutrition Counseling
Diabetes Classes

Types of injuries treated include:
 Sports and Recreational Injuries
 Post Operative Therapy
 Work Related Injuries
 Acute Trauma
 Postural and Mechanical Strain
 Repetitive or Overuse Syndrome
 Motor Vehicle Accident
Successful in the treatment of:
 Neck and Back Pain
 Joint and Extremity Pain
 Restricted Motion
 Myofascial Pain
 Headaches
 Carpal Tunnel
 Hip and Pelvic Pain
The Healing Power of Three - Mind, Body and Spirit
Thanks a million for saving a 90 year old woman’s life – I can just about do everything I could before my fall that dislocated my shoulder.
You are a totally encouraging guy who has certainly made a difference in my life and in my family’s.  They are glad to see Gram back in the kitchen and I am really glad to be there again.  Thanks again for the healing unpainful therapy. --VA