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Phase Three Physical Therapy provides a comfortable atmosphere and  unique treatment regimen specifically customized for each individual patient. You are treated as a completely unique person, not just a body-part. While emphasis is placed on your specific area of pain or injury, the entire body is assessed for any restriction and/or weakness that may be contributing to your area of concern. We utilize many of the latest treatment regimens such as; Myofascial Release, Joint and Soft Tissue Mobilization, Strain/Counter-Strain techniques, in conjunction with Functional Training, Stretching and Progressive Resistive Exercises, in order to design a complete rehabilitation program to meet the specific needs of each patient.
The Healing Power of Three - Mind, Body and Spirit
Bryan Hoppe PT
Bryan has been my therapist of choice for many years and several injuries, I trust him to assess, treat and guide me with professionalism and care. Softball Hall of Fame, pitching coach 2000 Olympics & 1994 National team, consultant to UCLA and CSUF --Don S